Hot & Cold Alkaline Water Dispenser

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Having access to cold water with temperatures as low as 2ºC and hot water as high as 100ºC is not enough. Adjust temperatures to your preference and have your water just right for you.

Hot water output: 92-100ºC (approx. 10 liters)
Cold water output: 2-12ºC (approx. 5 liters)

Renaissance 2 The alkaline and antioxidant filter in the H2O Renaissance is a special feature that makes it stand out from other Hot & Cold water dispensers.
Active hydrogen produced by the alkaline minerals in the alkaline and antioxidant filter neutralises free radicals in the body and maintains the alkalinity of the water at pH 7.5 to pH 9 and a negative ORP of -50mv to -200mv.
Renaissance 3 UV Sterilization with a sensor ensures that your water will always be sterilized. Unlike many UV Sterilization technologies on the market, the sensor will alert you if your UV stops working and needs replacement.
Renaissance 4 At a Net Weight of 15kg and dimensions of 30(Width) x 35(Depth) x 33(Height)cm, the H2O Renaissance is the lightest and most compact Hot & Cold alkaline water dispenser on the market.
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The safety lock feature on the H2O Renaissance prevents accidental scalding, giving you peace of mind.
The H2O Renaissance has attained the Singapore Safety Mark, the highest safety certification in Singapore.
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The H2O Renaissance has an energy saving feature that reduces its energy consumption when switched on. However, even while functioning at full capacity, its total energy consumption is only 900W, with  no compromise on performance.

energy saving iconSave energy consumption in your kitchen or pantry by eliminating the need for multiple appliances.


Ecological Smart Choice

EcoSmart™ has the newest technology in alkaline water filtration to produce clean and fresh water diffused with anti-oxidants and alkalizing minerals at the most affordable price!

Better Health!
EcoSmart™ produces alkaline water, boosting your immunity to fight sicknesses, and aiding digestion and detoxification. Feel great on a daily basis!

Cutting-Edge Technology!
Using cutting-edge technology, EcoSmart™ employs Nano-UF membrane filtration from Japan and patented alkaline catalysts from Korea. This combination is highly effective in removing harmful contaminants while keeping beneficial minerals.

Great for your Office and Home!
EcoSmart™ is compact, portable and space saving – great for any office or home. Bring and enjoy instant fresh water anytime, anywhere - be it in the meeting room or at a family picnic!