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Terms of Service & Warranty

Terms of Service Provided by H2O LIFE SOURCE (SEA) PTE LTD (herein known as H2O):

General Terms:

1. The Standard Installation Service of the ionizer and/or any fittings are provided free when tap/faucet diverter is used to connect the water supply to the ionizer.

2. The Service does not include the provision or installation of any equipment or materials (such as water meter, additional tubing, wirings and/or fittings) other than what is provided as standard in the original manufacturer’s package. Any and all such equipment and supplies shall be provided by the Customer at the Customer's expense unless otherwise stated. Additional Plumbing or Electrical Works

3. The Customer shall provide all wiring, sockets and fittings required for the purpose of the Installation of the ionizer.

4. During or prior to installation, H2O may advise the Customer on the need to undertake additional works, involving Electrical or Plumbing, aside from the standard installation provided by H2O, at the stipulated premise. In such instances, H2O may recommend to the Customer an independent contractor, from its panel of contractors, to perform the Works. The Customer is encouraged but not obliged to use the recommended contractor to perform the Works.

5. In the event that the Customer opts to use the recommended contractor to perform the Works, the Customer shall contact the recommended contractor directly and arrange for the Works to be carried out upon such terms and conditions and charges imposed by the recommended contractor. H2O shall not be privy to the arrangement between the Customer and the recommended contractor and shall not be liable to the Customer for any act or omission of the recommended contractor. In making the recommendation, H2O does not represent or warrant the quality, standard of service or reliability of the recommended contractor to perform the Works required at the stipulated premises.

6. Where the Customer is not the owner of the stipulated premise, the Customer shall obtain such approval and consent from the owner thereof for the Installation or relocation of the ionizer and/or any fittings and shall indemnify H2O in respect of any and all claims against H2O in respect of any and all work carried out by H2O or its recommended contractors for the Installation or relocation at the stipulated premise

7. H2O reserves the right to amend its panel of contractors from time to time. Removal or Relocation

8. H2O shall not be obliged to remove and reinstall the ionizer and/or any fittings to any other premises.

9. In the event that H2O agrees to provide such a service, the Customer is responsible for all charges as imposed by H2O and the Customer shall indemnify H2O against all costs and expenses incurred in removing and/or relocating the Installation of the ionizer or any fittings used for the Service in the event any owner or occupier of any property through, under, over across, in or upon which such ionizer or any fittings are placed, requests such removal or relocation.

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