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1st level alkaline water (8.5pH ORP -140mV)
●  Beginner's level for the first two weeks.
●  Use this level to mix with milk powder for infants or toddlers.


2nd level alkaline water (9.0pH ORP -230mV)
●  This is the recommended level for continuous drinking.
●  Drink this water before, during, and after exercising.


3rd level alkaline water (9.5pH ORP -300mV)
●  This level of pH not only helps to reduce the higher acidity found in coffee and tea, its smaller water clusters penetrate better into the coffee beans and tea leaves, enhancing the flavour and aroma of the beverage.
●  If you drinking liquo, good to use on the rocks to educe acidity and help with hangovers.


4th level alkaline water (10.0pH ORP -410mV)
●  Cook rice. Maintain natural flavours and glossy shine.
●  Soak out the bitterness of vegetables. Maintain their nutrients and color better.
●  This is a good level for making soups.
●  Soak beef and pork in this water to bring out the natural flavors and reduce acidity.


1st level acidic water (5.5pH ORP +520mV)
●  Good for gargling and brushing your teeth.


2nd level acidic water (5.0pH ORP +570mV)
●  Washing your face.
●  For infant bath.


3rd level acidic water (4.5pH ORP +620mV)
●  Remove sediment in teapots or cups.
●  Use this pH in your humidifier.


4th level acidic water (4.0pH ORP +670mV)
●  Remove impurities from fish, vegetables and fruits.
●  Soak chopping board and dish towels to sterilize them.
●  The oxidizing effect at  this level is good for treating minor cuts or wounds. This helps to speed up              healing of the skin.

For taking medication


icon-touch1Touch Screen - Smart selection buttons at the touch of your fingertips.



Alkali Water
4 preset levels of alkaline water

Acid Water
4 preset levels of acidic water

Purified Water
1 preset level of neutral pH filtered water

For product programming use only

Switches between pH level and ORP value readings. Also used for product programming

Manually starts the Self Cleaning process for 15 seconds

Product activation / standby mode select 


 icon-lcd1LCD Display - Luminance blue screen acts as a night light.


Alkaline water being produced

Ionized and purified water is being processed

Flow Rate
Ionized water production in litres / minute. Water flow pressure of 1.5 – 3.0 kgf / cm2.

Voice prompt (on/off). Voice level selection. Choice of language: English, Chinese or Korean. 

pH Level
pH level display

Filter 1
Filter life remaining for 1st filter . Can handle up to 6,000 litres.

Filter 2
Filter life remaining for 2nd filter. Can handle up to 9,000 litres. 

icon-voice1Voice - Voice prompts add the human touch to your system.


Speaks to you in 3 different languages - Choice of English, Chinese or Korean. Tells you what type of water you selected.

icon-program1Programming - You can personalize your own system in a variety of ways.


  • Set the pH and ORP values.
  • Set the voice prompt – loudness level.
  • Choice of language- English, Chinese, Korean.
  • Backlight auto shut or permanent on.

icon-clean1Auto Clean - So you get clean drinking water from a system that does not need you to brush or scrub.


System conducts automatic self-clean after each use. Powerful “Clean” option is also available for prolonged period of idling (e.g. vacation).

icon-safety1Safety Features - System is designed with the safety of your family in mind.


System returns to the recommended and safe drinking pH (8.5 - 9.5) after each use so that family need not worry about extreme pH.


icon-filter1Filter - 13 stages of purification ensures you get water in its purest form.




icon-smps1Switch Mode Power Supply
Heat-free, Noise-free, Zero-Transmission System.


This product is made with a revolutionary SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supply) system ensures stable, consistent and reliable power supply, that also prolongs the life-span of the product.

icon-platinum1Platinum Plates
Superb ionization performance with Superior 99.99% highest purity platinum.


Patented slotted electrode plates with very large contact surface area to ensure you get reliable, value for money long term quality performance.


Dimensions Size: 340 width x 340 height x 150 depth (mm).
Weight: 6 – 7 kg