Vida-C Shower - Revitalizing ion shower


What if your shower is good for both your skin and hair? Vida-C™ Shower adds the Zzzing back to your skin and hair’s health.

Head home after a hard day’s work and let the Vida-C™ Shower leave you feeling totally refreshed and energised with its abundance of negative ions and zesty citrus aroma.


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 Vida-C™ Shower - Revitalizing ion shower


AlkalytesTM Water

Want to feel hydrated and energized? Try our new AlkalytesTM Water, 100% natural and clearly better!

AlkalytesTM Water is great for any occasion and anytime. Each AlkalytesTM Water is packed with excellent source of essential minerals such as sodium, calcium and magnesium that are naturally found in our water. These minerals carry electrolytes and when ionized, they help our body to absorb more quickly - making it the ideal drink to hydrate during and after intense workouts. Most importantly, these essential electrolytes minerals you get from AlkalytesTM Water can help you stay healthy, active and energetic.

Drink up 1 to 2 litres daily to experience the goodness.



AlkalytesTM Water, clearly better!


Absolu™ - Alkaline Organic Fertilizer

ABSOLU™  Alkaline Organic Fertilizer
ALL-IN-ONE   Fertilizer, Soil Alkalizer, Pest Repellent & Natural Immunizer.
BOOST PERFORMANCE   Improve crop yield. Shorten planting cycle.
SUSTAINABLE   Agriculture & safe.leaves
ORGANIC 100%   plant extracts. Increase value of crops.
LOWER COSTS   Long-term savings & benefits.
UP EARNINGS   Continuous use enhance profits.

Absolutely de Best!

Used for the following crops:
•  Vegetable 
•  Corn 
•  Rice
•  Others

Visit ABSOLU™ microsite for more information