Scientific Studies


Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine,
Dept of Pathology Tumor Biology Course,
Associate Professor Rei Takahashi Kyoto University School of Medicine,
Professor Emeritus & Fukui Prefectural University Dept of Nursing and Welfare,
Dean Yoshinori Itokawa

Alkaline Ionized water helps promote osteogenesis

Metabolic disorder of calcium is considered to be one of the causes of osteoporosis that has an increasing number of cases these days. Therefore we conducted a series of tests by feeding rats with different amounts of calcium and gave them tap water, calcium lactate solution and alkaline ionized water at leisure. According to examination of their bone and blood composition, osteogenesis rate was found in the ascending order of tap water, calcium lactate solution, and alkaline ionized water.

Especially under the condition of low calcium levels in the feed, alkaline ionized water was considered to great effects on improved osteogenesis.