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Who We Are

H2O Life Source, one of the most trusted water specialists in Asia, offers an array of excellent quality yet affordable water filtering equipment and alkaline water ionizer products. With our expertise in the field of filtration and alkaline water ionizer applications, we design and distribute our own range of filtering media that can be used at any setting—whether commercial, residential and even in clinical laboratories and fabrications plants.

Our experience in the industry and knowledge on the latest filtration technologies have given us the opportunity to continuously improve our performance and product offering. Besides having our very own brands and products, our expertise also allows us to provide independent trusted evaluation of products already available in the market. Most notably, some of the models of the KYK series of alkaline water ionizers have been strongly endorsed by H2O LIFE SOURCE due to its safety and efficacy (certified by the KFDA as a medical grade device available to the consumer market).

It has always been our mission to provide affordable and innovative products to both industries and individuals seeking better health and wellness.

Alkaline Water for Better Health

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