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Best Water Purifier Singapore

H2O LIFE SOURCE has the best water purifiers in Singapore and offers a full range of affordable high quality filtering media and products for your homes and offices. Purified water is chlorine-free and tastes better. If you are looking for water purifiers or the alkaline water ionizers, trust H2O Life Source to offer you only the best! Our alkalizers and purifiers are designed to provide various level of pH for safe and regular daily consumption. Our quality products include frontier technology in ionization, hydrogen generation, electrolyzation, filtration and purification.

H2O LIFE SOURCE - Premium Alkaline Water Ionizer

Most people are not drinking the right kind of water; in fact, some water can even make us sick. At H2O Life Source, we design & provide affordable filtration solution & equipment so that you, your families, and even communities, can now enjoy better water for better health.

The award winning KYK Alkaline Water Ionizer series brings you and your loved ones a host of great benefits that help to Alkalize, Hydrate, Energize, Antioxidize, and Detoxify your body. Begin your water journey with KYK, KOREA's Best Premium Alkaline Water Ionizer here!

Because Water Truly Matters!

We are always making efforts to make the best purified drinking water for ourselves and our family. We make efforts to boil the water, filter it, or buy filtered water in gallons. For those who trust only in their personal choice of a carefully designed filtration system, we install & maintain the system at home or in the office.

So, we spare no effort to make our water better because we know that our water is contaminated, polluted or treated with tonnes of chemicals to keep the water from smelling bad and from bacteria that causes diarrhoea and illnesses.

Needless to say, with more than 70% of our bodies made up of water. We need a well and properly hydrated body to enjoy good health and vitality.

The best water ionization and purification system is having the ability to eliminate the harmful bacteria and viruses from the water while maintaining the good mineral. With the advanced technology of today, we can now bring the benefits of science into our homes to enjoy the benefits of filtered & purified alkaline water. For those who can afford it, we seek for better water that can help to alkalize, hydrate, energize, antioxidize and detoxify our body.

Top 10 Questions about Your Water!

It is time for us to find out the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our drinking water. Be sure to sign up for H2O Webinars to explore some of the fun facts to better Hydration Health!

1. There are many kinds of bottled water found on the shelves of supermarkets - purified, filtered, distilled, RO water, alkaline water, pH water, etc. What are they? What are the differences between them?

2. There are also many natural sources of water - spring water, deep well, mountain water, deep sea water, etc. What are the ones that are better?

3. What is hard water vs soft water? Is mineral water hard water?

4. What is alkaline water? What are the benefits? Are there any dangers of drinking over pH?

5. What is hydrogen water? What are the benefits? Are there any dangers of drinking too much hydrogen water?

6. What is ionization and what does a water ionizer do for us?

7. How does a filter work? What kinds of filter do I need for my home?

8. Are there water test kits that I can use to reveal what is in the water?

9. What are the properties in the water that are desirable for better health? And those that are damaging to our body?

10. Can water really help to reduce weight? Or does drinking water cause water retention problems?

kyk awards H2O member of SPF, FLA & PFA

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