General Health Benefits - Alkaline ionized (AI) water

Pouring alkaline ionized water into glass

Alkaline Ionized Water for Optimum Health






“The Battle for
Health is Over pH”
“You are not sick,
You are Thirsty”
Minerals rich &
Oxygen saturated
Neutralize the
Free Radicals
Flush out the Toxins!
Gary Tunsky Dr. F. Batmanghelidj.
Dr. Hidemitsu Hayashi.
Dr. Sang Whang
“Reverse Aging”
Daniel Reid -
“Detox - the Universal Cure”

Article is partially adapted from Dr. David S. Dyer “The Best Water to Drink for Your Health”
One of the most important and yet very often neglected topic today is WATER.  Water is not only scarce but the quality of water is steadily deteriorating due to over-farming and industrialization.  While we expect our municipal water plants to provide us with safe drinking water at affordable prices, most of us are looking for something more than just “safe”.   Increasingly, people want cleaner and healthier water for drinking. 

Why Alkaline Ionized Water is the Best Water for your HEALTH?
The Japanese have long been known as the healthiest nation on earth and alkaline ionized water has been widely used in their households since the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law first approved it in 1965. In the wake of increasing public interest in drinking water and health in recent years, tremendous amount of research efforts have proven the validity of this health water – the Alkaline Ionized Water.

The Japanese have researched this subject for close to fifty years now and have found that drinking alkaline ionized water improves general well-being and more notably it can relieve or reduce the three main causes for sickness, disease and pre-mature aging – over acidity, dehydration and the premature aging of cells, tissue and organs in our body.