Alkaline ionized water helps in weight management

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As explained earlier, when our body becomes over-acidic, fats become a friend not a foe!  Acid waste travels throughout the body in the blood and due to the high amount of acidic food and drinks we consume daily, the acid waste is being parked in fatty deposits instead of being eliminated via the kidney and liver as it should be. These fatty deposits are stored as far away from our vital organs as possible; hence the weight gain that typically occurs on the chest, buttocks, thighs and belly. To look at it one way: this fat is saving our lives by protecting our body’s vital organs from damaging acid waste.  The more acid waste we have the more parking spaces (fats) we need to store them away in order for our blood to remain slightly alkaline.  So in essence, it is acid that make us fat not fats!

How then can we rid these acid wastes from our body?  The nature of alkaline ionized water with much smaller water cluster size penetrates effectively and very quickly into these acid blocks (they can also become road blocks that clog our blood capillaries), disintegrating and flushing them out of our joints and muscles, our thighs and buttocks, and even out of our head (migraines or headaches are symptoms of over-acidity in our body!). Alkaline water helps to flush out these acid blocks allowing fat cells to be eliminated quickly and effectively from our body. Weight loss is almost inevitable if you’re eating a healthy diet and drinking alkaline ionized water. Research has also shown that overweight individuals have a lower percentage of total water content than individuals who maintain a healthy weight.  So make sure you drink to hydrate your body and drinking alkaline water is the best choice for health and for beauty! 

To find out more on this topic, you can read Dr. Robert Young’s book “The pH Miracle for Weight Loss: Balance Your Body Chemistry, Achieve Your Ideal Weight”.