Alkaline Ionized (AI) Water - A Detox Alternative

“One of the greatest ironies of life is that to stay alive, we are actually taking in the very toxins that could eventually kill us, unless they are effectively eliminated from our bodies.”

We are all aware of the term “prevention is better than cure”. According to Dr Y.M Wong, Medical Director of Clinique Suisse International, preventive measures are best for the maintenance of the patient’s health all year round rather than to wait around for illnesses and diseases to strike. “Why repair the vehicle after the accident when you can initiate the repair to avoid the management,” he mentioned. Now we all know that food is indeed one of the most important elements to ensure our body keeps on working and functioning. There are hardly anyone out there that proclaims that they hate the very idea of food.

So what actually goes on when we consume food? The food that we eat burns with oxygen within our cells to transform it to energy. During the process, the food transforms into acid wastes and the cells excrete them into the bloodstream. Our body attempts to get rid of these wastes through expulsion, urination, respiration and perspiration. However, the body is unable to get rid of these wastes as fast as we hoped. Thus resulting in an excessively acidic body.

So when our bodies are excessively acidic, they borrow essential minerals such as calcium, sodium, potassium and magnesium from our vital organs and bones in order to neutralise the acid. As a result, our bodies suffer the consequences. The whereabouts of a body that is excessively acidic usually comes from 3 areas; food, pollution and stress. Out of these three, stress stands at the very top. As such, stress management as well as diet management is essential towards conversing a healthy body with the right pH balance. Acid wastes begin to pile up within our bodies until symptoms such as digestive problems, headaches, overweight, bone pains, elimination issues, muscle tension and pain, heart problems and high blood pressure start to surface.

Therefore, the simple answer is to simply detox!

In order to solve issues like these, the answer is pretty straightforward: Just simply detox and flush out the toxins! However, when most people think of detox, most associate with going to a health food store to purchase supplement products that will starve your body and give you diarrhoea for the week. Even though there are plenty of ways to detox, there is actually a foolproof way to detox without hassle & complications ; By simply creating a pH balance from within your body!

Alkaline ionized (AI) water not only halts the acidic waste accumulation, it can too invade into our cells and tissues more effectively to flush out the acidic culprits that are causing the breaking down that induced more ageing!

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