Alkaline Ionized (AI) Water - Your Immune System Booster

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One of the main causes of fatigue, toxemia,constipation and premature ageing is simply that most people don’t drink enough water. It’s common knowledge that clean,pure water is a cornerstone of good health.

With that said, our muscles are 70% water, muscles being 82%, bones at 25% and our brain at 85% water. Since ¾ of the entire body is made up of water, the ongoing intake of water is essential to our every function. However, these days most water sources are polluted and contain various chemicals that are used to treat water as it would be hard to improve the healthfulness of cleaning power of water without adding any chemicals or supplements to it. So this leaves us confused about what kind of drinking water is best for our health and what kind of home water treatment produces the best drinking water. Also, beyond water filtration,there’s also the issue of pH - alkaline versus acidic water.

With the advancement of technology over the years, people are starting to install machines that put drinking water through an “ionization” process called “electrolysis”. This is accomplished using negatively and positively charged electrodes. During the process, water atoms give electrons to the electrodes or receive them. The end product is a chemical reaction in water becoming either more acidic or alkaline.

In a nutshell, tap water typically has a pH level of around 7 neutral points whereas alkaline ionized (AI) water sticks above the 7 mark and acidic water falling below 7. Some research studies indicate that alkaline water has a variety of benefits, ranging from giving you energy to counteracting unhealthy effects of acidic foods that you eat.

Many people claim that regularly drinking alkaline ionized (AI) water will slow down the ageing process, help fight against tooth decay and prevent bone loss. This is because most people eat a highly acidic diet, which subsequently causes their bodies to balance their blood pH levels by taking vital minerals such as magnesium and calcium, from their bones, tissues and teeth. Additionally, it is said that regular alkaline water consumption can help prevent diseases associated with the bone and cellular degeneration,such as arthritis, osteoporosis and various assorted types of kidney disorders.

Alkaline Ionized (AI) water is also thought to normalize blood flow as a result of normalizing blood pH levels. Furthermore, because of the effective way it penetrates cells, many people say ionized water is better at hydrating your body's regular water. On an aesthetic level, alkaline ionized water proves useful in preventing dry hair and skin.

KYK Generation II series - Alakaline Water Ionizer

In H2O Life Source , the KYK series of Alkaline Ionized (AI) water ionizers is backed over 40 years of research and 130 patents, receiving more than 100 global awards and accolades. The brand has incorporated the latest technologies and design elements to create the best health enhancement water for your entire family. Progressive and up-to-date technologies such as the SMPS Switch Mode Power Supply ensure an accurate pH is produced while reducing noise,heat and energy consumption. Patents slotted design large platinum coated titanium plates offering up to 240 square inches of ionization area ensure reliable and long lasting ionization performance - which is more than double of what is generally offered in the market.

As spoken by many experts out there; “Change your water,change your life!’ so why not start today by clicking here!

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