Balance your Diet with Alkaline Ionized (AI) Water

To achieve the optimal balance, health practitioners recommend an 80/20 mix of alkaline and acidic foods. However, the problem arises when most people do not like and do not normally eat enough alkaline foods such as spinach beetroots and broccoli. The alkaline ionized water from a alkaline water ionizer however, is much easier to adapt into your eating lifestyle. Not only does it help you to achieve that 80/20 balance, it also hydrates your body as much as three times more effectively than regular water because the water clusters have been reduced in size during the ionization process. This micro-clustered water penetrates more effectively through the aquaporins water channels to quench the thirsty cells, and along with it increases the bioavailability of the nutrients and finally extracts cell wastes and toxins for detox throughout the day.

Finally, alkaline ionized (AI) water by itself is full of life - bound with oxygen and negatively charged hydrogen ions that are nature’s greatest and most natural antioxidants.

Therefore, ensure that you drink a glass full of alkaline ionized water every morning before you start your day. You could carry a bottle of it around while you are perhaps at work or at school, to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. For a well-balanced body, incorporate alkaline ionized water along with a nutritious 80/20 diet plan into your lifestyle.

So what better way and time to start your diet than right now! Head over to our site to find out more on how to optimise your diet regime today!


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