Did You Ever Think About The Glass of Water You Are Drinking Right Now?

As you sip on that glass of water, have you ever considered what is within this simple liquid that helps replenish your body? Being an essential product in our life,maybe it is time to rethink about water. Functional water has been gaining popularity these days due to the various beneficial properties found in different kinds of water.

The following is a list of frequently asked questions about our drinking water

1. There are many kinds of bottled water found on the shelves of supermarkets – purified, filtered, distilled, RO water, alkaline water, pH water, etc. What are the differences between them?

2. There are also many natural sources of water – spring water, deep well, mountain water, deep sea water, etc. Which one is actually better?

3. Is there a difference between hard and soft water?

4. What are the benefits of alkaline ionized (AI) water and are there any dangers of drinking over pH?

5. What is hydrogen water? What are the benefits? Are there any dangers of drinking too much hydrogen water?

6. What is ionization and what does a water ionizer do for us?

7. How does a filter work? What kinds of filters do I need for my home?

8. Are there water test kits that I can use to reveal what is in the water?

9. What are the properties in the water that are desirable for better health? And those that are damaging to our body?

10. Can water really help to reduce weight? Or does it instead cause water retention problems?

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