Importance of Water in Our Everyday Life

Water is the one drink we can’t do without for optimal health. Knowing how essential water is for all life on the planet, there has always been this determination to uncover the cleanest,purest water available so as to bring out the maximum benefits from that water. Although new findings in the United State have recently debunked the water myth that we must all adhere to, what has been regarded by many as the “gold standard” of drinking at least eight glasses of water each day. Moreover, this includes the notion that we should keep our bodies well-hydrated at all times and have remained unchanged till this very day

Water still remains a scarce commodity and the reality today is that the quality of water is steadily deteriorating due to over-farming and industrialisation.While we expect our government to supply us with safe and drinkable water at an affordable price for everyone, most of us are now, looking for something that is more than just “safe”. With that in mind, people are desiring cleaner and healthier water for their drinking.


What Is Actually In our Water?

Many people are now accustomed to purchasing “bottled” vitaminised, mineral or distilled water, believing that the mineral or fruit content will benefit their health but in reality, the level of minerals or fruit added in the bottled water does not pose much of a significant source of nutrients at all. In fact, you are better off just eating the fruits that have been filled with nutrients in the first place. Then there’s the recent news of bottled water being contaminated by the plastic materials from which the bottles are manufactured. There’s also the reality that water can become contaminated with the organic contaminants like mercury and pesticides, along with bacteria and viruses. Even if the water does not have an unpleasant odour or taste, the contaminants may still be present in your water nonetheless. So what and where does that leave us?

What could be more essential than the water you drink right? Do you know what is actually residing within the water? How can you be so sure that the water that reaches your home and mouth is truly safe and the best for you and family?

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