What Drinks Hydrate and What Drinks Dehydrate!

Day by day we have been drinking different sorts of drinks that flow into our bodies, be it health-centric drinks like tea or party drinks like alcohol for social interactions and norms. Even the activities that we conduct also influences that amount of intake liquid that we should adhere to. With such a vast number of different fluids in the world and around us, what kind of fluids actually hydrate and detox our body? And what kind of drinks are actually harmful to our body and killing from the inside slowly.

According to numerous studies conducted by W.H.O, the World Health Organisation found out that water with no minerals such as distilled or reverse osmosis water are actually detrimental to health since these particular waters are considered acidic and aggressive which in turn dehydrates our bodies. Coffee,tea, alcohol and sweetened or caffeinated beverages have long been known as diuretics, meaning you will lose more water through frequent urination.

As such, there are some drinks that are actually causing hydration to your body right this moment!

This fluid is actually considered a diuretics as mentioned earlier. Therefore, it makes the body lose bodily water fluids by making you head to the bathroom more often. Due to this particular fact, the drink plays with the mind, making people take the consideration of not drinking water while consuming alcohol to reduce the number of trips to the toilet.

Caffeinated Drinks
These might be few of the most popular drinks among teenagers and adults, even to a point where one claims that he or she will die without drinking it for a day. Such drinks are examples such as coffee, tea, energy drinks or even soft drinks like Coke and Sprite. All these drinks also can have a mild diuretics effect on the body upon consumption.

Researches have shown that diuretics effects do not make the body dehydrated. However, it prompts other symptoms of dehydrations such as headaches and dry mouths. On the other hand, it does help in terms of your daily fluid intakes in a positive way but best to be taken moderately. Many people have deemed that to look out for a performance-enhancement jolt of caffeine, one can just turn to a glass of water for the best results instead.

Sweet and Sugary Drinks
It is time to perhap to lay off the sweet drinks such as coke, sprite and actually even fruit juices! Fruit juices, along with many other high sugar content drinks are actually preventing the body from absorbing the water content that the body actually needs.

Moreover, although sports drinks are popular and beneficial to the body due to the electrolytes and sodium which aids to replenish hydration, fruit juices does not contain such contents and does not possess enough sodium.

But one saving grace to that could be to mix the drink with more water content to make it more diluted, making the drink less sugary and more hydrating on top of that. So it is time to lay off the boba drinks and start shifting towards a healthier choice!

At the end of the day, liquids are important to you and your body, be it for social purposes or to replenish the minerals needed inside your body. And that is where we at H2O LIFE SOURCE step in to show you the wonders of the alkaline ionized (AI) water and the amazing untapped potential it can do to provide you with a better health!

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