H2O Life Source - Customer Testimonial on Cancer

Customer Testimonial on Cancer

Alkaline water saved our cat with cancer

Mr. Randy Webb,

Drinks KYK Alkaline Water

"My experience stems from a close family member with cancer and a quick education on how cancer cells tend to react to a alkaline environment in the body. I purchased a unit and did a pH test on my wife and I before we started using the new alkaline filtering system. I tested fair and the wife was acidic. We began the use of the alkaline water for drinking, cooking, etc. along with good diet and vitamin supplementation.

In approximately two months we retested our pH levels and the wife and I both improved our pH substantially. Unfortunately our family member was diagnosed too late with their cancer for anything to help. But, I have a cat that has cancer and the vet wanted to put her down in February of this year but we needed time to accept his recommendation. We put her on a better diet and began giving her only alkaline water and four months later her strength and appetite is returning along with the reduced swelling of her glands caused by the cancer. Was it the alkaline water??? All I know is my cat is living a fairly normal life four months after her vets recommendation to terminate her life. I am not a doctor and have no formal education concerning medical issues, all I know is my body and my family members have seemed to benefit from lots of alkaline water, good eating habits and appropriate vitamin supplements. I will continue to drink healthy for life!"