H2O Life Source - Customer Testimonial on Constipation

Customer Testimonial on Constipation

My constipation is over. I can go toilet everyday

Mr Peter Ong, Age 62
Drinks KYK Alkaline Water.

"KYK Alkaline Water is very good for my constipation. Before I started drinking Alkaline Water, I only go to the toilet one to two times a week. Sometimes, I can only pass motion once in 2 weeks - it was very difficult. The doctor gave me laxatives, but I don’t want to be addicted and want to find a natural way. After drinking Alkaline Water for one and a half month, now I can go to toilet everyday. Thank you Mr. Kenneth Wong for the KYK Alkaline Water"

My piles do not hurt anymore

"My piles used to come out when I pass motion – many times it bleeds. After drinking this KYK Alkaline Water for 2 months, my stool is soft and my piles do not hurt anymore."