H2O Life Source - Customer Testimonial on Diabetes

Customer Testimonial on Diabetes

Type II Diabetes : I can now eat a bowl of white rice with my love ones

Dr Simon Koh, Age 50
CEO, Environclean Technology

Drinks KYK Alkaline Water.

"In the past, I had to test my blood sugar and take a pill to regulate insulin production before meals – especially white rice. After drinking KYK Alkaline Water for 3 months, I can now enjoy a bowl of white rice with my meal without any medication. I feel that this water has an effect to revive the cells in my body."

"You definitely need to experience the beneficial effect of this water yourself."

"My skin used to have a lot of scars due to my diabetic condition, and they don’t heal properly. These scars are especially obvious at the wrist area where I wear my watch. After drinking KYK Alkaline Water for about 3 months, my skin condition has improved tremendously."

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Type I Diabetes for 27 Years:
"My blood sugar stabilized. I feel energized!"

Christopher Loh, 36
Customer Service Representative

Drinks KYK Alkaline Water.


 "I have been suffering from Type 1 Diabetes with complications and taking insulin injection for 27 years. I went through both eyes operation and laser for diabetic retinopathy and I already had a major operation on my bladder six years ago.  I was advised by my doctor that I was due for kidney dialysis due to elevated creatinine. "

"I joined H2O Life Source and started drinking Alkaline Antioxidant water in July 2010.  In a month, when I saw my doctor for a regular diabetes check up I was surprised to see my blood sugar level stabilized. My blood sugar level registered at 4.9 even though I just had a heavy lunch.  In addition, my doctor was very glad to see my HbA1c indicator drop from 8.4 to 7.8.  My peers also saw noticeable changes in me - instead of looking tired and sleepy most of the time, they now say that I look different and more energized."

"My doctor also told me I no longer require dialysis because my kidney has become healthy.  This water has improved my health and energy and I will recommend KYK alkaline water to all my friends who have diabetes."


National guidelines on HbA1c of diabetic is less than 7.5%:



Average blood glucose


Normal for those
Without diabetes

3.5-5.5 mmol/L


Target range for those
With diabetes

4-7 mmol/L


High for those
With diabetes

11-14 mmol/L

Greater than 9.5%

Very High
With diabetes

15 and above

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