H2O Life Source Refer-A-Friend Program Terms & Conditions, 2020


H2O Life Source Refer-A-Friend Program (hereinafter referred to as “the Company” and “the Plan” respectively) aims to compensate referrers for their efforts in recommending friends, and to provide exceptional rebates for exceptional efforts.


The Plan applies to customers who have referred friends to our Company and products using our mobile application in Singapore.

  1. Refer-A-Friend Program - This program is designed for a customer who believes in the health benefits of KYK Alkaline Water and wants to share the goodness to their friends. While every effort is made by the designated sales representative to follow-up the referred contacts, the referred client making a purchase ought to clearly mention the name of the referee upon ordering. The referrer’s name must be listed in the invoice as a referral.

  2. Referral Page - Interested customers can download the mobile application and refer their friends through the application under the Refer-A-Friend section within the application.

  3. Termination - There is no termination of this Refer-A-Friend program, and you will always be a valued customer.

Terms and Conditions
  1. Goal Achivement - A sales goal is not required for Refer-A-Friend.

  2. Full Reward - Points rebates shall be calculated and given out after completion of referral and validated by our administrative staff in the Company.

  3. Schedule - Points rebates are made as soon as possible from the close of each referral.

  4. Arbitration and conflict resolution - In the unlikely event when more than one referrers or staff is making a claim on the same referred friend, the Company shall assign a competent and impartial manager to make contact with the customer to determine the sales credit due to the referrer. Such a customer's decision shall be final and enforced by the Company.

  5. Advertising and Promotion - Each referrer is encouraged to promote the goodness of the KYK Alkaline Water through Facebook, blogs, “Likes” or Posting on H2O Life Source Facebook Page. However, referrers are not allowed to sell products via auction sites such as eBay or the likes. Traditional mass media advertisements require approval by the Company prior to posting.

  6. Changes and Amendments - H2O Life Source management reserves the rights to modify the above policy at any time when deemed necessary - The above policy supersedes any and all prior Company policies in connection with the subject matter.

  7. Benefits and Points Rebates Structure - The referrer is given points when his/her direct referee makes a purchase. The amount of points for various models is per clause 8 Table 1, subject to sales closure with no time limit.

  8. Points Rebates for Various Models:
  9. Renaissance 500
    Hisha 500
    Genesis 1500
    Generation II, HyGen, Ocean Line 2500
    iDuo 3000
    Renaissance 500
    Hisha 500
    Genesis 1500
    Generation II, HyGen, Ocean Line 2500
    iDuo 3000