H2O Life Source - Customer Testimonial on Weight Loss

Customer Testimonial on Weight Loss

I lost 4-5kg in 2 months, My constipation is gone


Mr. Zolst, Hungary
Drinks KYK Alkaline Water.

Some of the KYK water effects:

  • in less than 2 months, I lost 4-5 kilograms, and 4-5 cm fat on my nipping
  • my head was totally hairless in the middle (3-4 years ago), and now the hair begins to grow
  • our patients like the taste and the effects of the water, most of them suffer from constipation, and when they drink the water, they don't have constipation
  • the water increase the positive effect of bioresonance therapy (probably better hydratation, better conductivity)

Please transmit our patients and personally our thanks to Mr. Kim Young Kwi. He is a great scholar.